‘No Drama’

Whilst taking a break from dating, I’m still on dating apps, though what’s great is that I feel less pressure. I’m also noticing a few things, not new things, but a few things that I’ve seen a lot and now I can actually pick them out and write about them.

One of these things is that a lot of dudes have ‘no drama’ on their profiles. As in, they don’t want to date people who ‘create’ drama, I guess. I tend to roll my eyes at this, for lots of reasons, but this graph really gets at the heart of it:

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 12.59.18 AM

You can find the original here. If you scroll over the graph, another window pops up that says:

   ‘Drama’ is just people being upset, when someone says they’re always surrounded by drama and they just ignore it, it starts to make sense that their strategy might be backfiring.

Swipe left. Next.